The down payment assistance programs that are listed here are a sample of what is available for homebuyers in Georgia. This can be your starting point as you search for the right program for your family. Home Purchase and Refinance Loans

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Homestretch Down Payment Assistance Program

Financial Assistance for Homebuyers in Georgia

In an effort to help individuals achieve their dreams of homeownership, the Gwinnett County Government started the Homestretch Down Payment Assistance Program, which helps to reduce out-of-pocket costs for qualifying applicants.

Available Assistance:
With the Gwinnett County government’s Homestretch Down Payment Assistance Program, first-time homebuyers may receive up to $7,500. The assistance is provided via a 5-year, zero-interest loan with deferred payments. Beginning on the first anniversary of the security deed, the principal will be reduced 20 percent each year.

Eligibility Requirements:
In order to qualify for the Homestretch Down Payment Assistance Program, all applicants must meet certain requirements. The program is available to first-time homebuyers whose annual household income falls under 80 percent of the area median (limits shown below). They must have a credit score of at least 640, and their debt-to-income ratio may not exceed 43 percent. Applicants are also responsible for completing an 8-hour homebuyer pre-purchase class from a HUD-approved counseling agency.

Property Guidelines:
Any property being purchased under the Homestretch Program must serve as the applicant’s primary residence and must be located within Gwinnett County. Eligible property types include single-family detached homes or townhomes that fall within the program’s maximum purchase price limits ($165,000 for an existing home, or $228,000 for a new construction). Following the eligibility determination, the Community Development office authorizes a Uniform Property Conditions Standards inspection, which the Homestretch Program pays for. If the home does not pass inspection, the seller or homebuyer has the option to pay for repairs. 

Income Limits:
1 person household: $39,050
2 person household: $44,600
3 person household: $50,200
4 person household: $55,750
5 person household: $60,250
6 person household: $64,700
7 person household: $69,150
8 person household: $73,600

*Household income is defined as all income received by household members (18 years or older) who will be living in the home, even if they are not on the mortgage.

(Note: These figures were accurate at the time of publication and may no longer be current - visit the program website for updated information.)

Down payment assistance programs and/or grants were researched by the team at Please note that all programs listed on this website may involve a second mortgage with payments that are forgiven, deferred, or subsidized in some manner until resale of the mortgaged property.'s compilation is not a complete list, but it can serve as a starting point in your search for the down payment assistance program or grant for your situation. It is up to the consumer to contact these entities and find out the specifics of each program.

Down Payment Grants in Georgia

Augusta's Homeownership Assistance Program offsets the cost of upfront mortgage payments to help first-time homebuyers purchase a home in the Augusta-Richmond County.

The Department of Community Affairs in Georgia helps residents in particular counties finance their new homes through the Georgia Dream Homeownership Program. The program helps homebuyers afford decent housing by providing them with down payment assistance.

Down payment assistance funds are provided as a 5-year deferred payment loan with zero interest. As long as the homeowner remains the primary resident through the maturity date of the security deed, the lien is canceled and no payments are required. 

Neighborhood Works Columbus offers homebuyers a down payment assistance program that provides a set amount of money to qualified homebuyers to help them afford down payments on their homes.

Savannah's  Housing & Neighborhood Services Department offers different levels of down payment assistance to eligible applicants with the Dream Maker programs.

The Decide DeKalb Development Authority designed the WE DeKalb Program as an economic incentive to help employers in Atlanta attract and retain top talent by making homeownership in DeKalb County more affordable. 

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